Yusra Community Center is a volunteer run space dedicated to helping displaced people rebuild their lives in Istanbul, Turkey.


Ease, comfort and blessedness

This is the meaning of ‘Yusra’ and our Community Center derives its purpose and meaning from these words.

Located in the heart of the community in which we serve, our center runs learning, social and recreational programs for displaced people in the Fatih neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey.

Yusra Community Center provides a fun and safe learning space for children, who otherwise have no access to knowledge. We are a place of guidance for families, providing or assisting with medical needs, legal matters, skills training, language and literacy activities, and information services.

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Children’s Program

Children averaging four to six years old walk through our doors to a friendly space. We offer numerous psycho- social programs, including art therapy and music workshops. Students are fed hot freshly prepared nutritious meals twice in the day and are provided a safe space to play. Our program focuses on school readiness; equipping children to smoothly integrate into public schools.

Family Wellbeing

At Yusra, we come alongside families as a whole. We help families understand their rights as refugees; assisting them in registering for Turkish IDs, receiving medical care and registering children in public schools. We have hosted health and parenting workshops, language clubs, and women’s livelihood activities. We also run psychosocial intervention programs for families.

Partner Organizations

As a grassroots operation, we are the hands and feet of several organizations seeking to assist refugees. Our team participates in conferences and seminars, advocating for displaced people around the world.


Host A Fundraiser

As a volunteer organization, we are able to make a difference through donations. Host and plan your own fundraiser to raise money for our cause.

Past Fundraisers

Henna Night, Indian food night, Art Studio fundraiser, music album.

Become An Advocate

Join us to advocate on behalf of refugees. Speak up and call on others to take part in our mission for refugees! Share our story, Blog and Newsletter.


Donate through our online fundraisers or get in touch with us for other available options. If you would like to help sponsor a specific program or project, please send us an email.We also accept clothes and school supply donations.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead

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